​How to balance motherhood and career?

The modern world is so unpredictable that sometimes a woman has to choose between going to a cinema with her children and her husband or a business dinner. Unfortunately, it is not possible to educate a child and build a successful career for all women.

How it can be, if your baby is still very young and needs a mother’s affection and at the same time, the work that can not be left without attention?

Of course, you have no right to infringe the child in rights. This is the most lovely person for you and he must receive a daily dose of maternal affection and attention. And his problems should be for you above all. Especially when your baby is still very young, and does not know how to express his feelings in words.

But to lock yourself in four walls and wait until the child becomes independent, is also not necessary. Firstly, you can completely forget all the accumulated work experience, and it is not known how long you will still feel, that you are extremely needed for your child – 10, 20, and even all 30 years.

Time management will come to the aid of young mothers and promising careerists. In this term is the ability to organize your free time in such a way that it is enough for everything – the child, work, personal life. We will discuss the main aspects of family time management.

1. You must skillfully manage your time. Do not handle all your household chores by yourself. Attract all family members. Husband can help you cook dinner. Of course, you will do it faster and better, but let the rest of the family participate not only as “spectators” in your home performance, but also as direct participants in the daily performance.

2. Do not do the same job every day. You can go shopping once a week. Leave for the husband such trifles as buying fresh bread or milk. You can also erase things once a week. Here, too, a huge role of the assistant is played a washing machine.

3. Accustom all family members to clean up after themselves. So, coming home from work you will not need to collect socks or toys scattered on the floor. For children as an incentive may be a minor encouragement in the form of sweets or tickets to the zoo.

4. Do not neglect the help of grandmothers or babysitters. Of course, the child should in no case grow up without mother’s weasel. But during the reporting period or important meetings with partners, grandmother’s help will be a bit of a help. Yes, and you will be sure that your child is warmly dressed, fed and homework done right.