The crisis of family relationships.

According to researches of sociologists and family counselors, every family goes through several stages of development, and the transition from one to another, usually accompanied by a crisis.

It is believed that the complications of family life primarily cause household difficulties. But apart from household difficulties, there are many reasons that could provoke a crisis in the family, at any stage of its existence.

Firstly, problems in family life may start when one spouse is going through his own psychological crisis, such as a middle age crisis. Reconsidering his life, feeling dissatisfaction, a man decides to change everything, including his family life.

Secondly, any of the events, listed below, entail a change in the family structure. For example, the birth of a child.

In addition, the cause of the crisis for the couple become problems at work, problems in relationships with relatives, the changes in financial position (in the direction of its deterioration, and in the direction of improvement), moving to another city or country. And, of course, more serious stress-factors – serious illness, death, war, loss of a job, the birth of children with disabilities.

7 dangerous symptoms:

1. Reducing of the desire of the spouses to intimacy;

2. All matters relating to the upbringing of children, provoke quarrels and recriminations;

3. The couple do not have the same views on the most important issues for them (relationships with relatives and friends, the future plans, the distribution of incomes, etc.);

4. Husband and wife are poorly understood (or do not understand) each other’s feelings;

5. Almost all the actions and words of a partner cause irritation;

6. One of the couple believes that forced all the time to yield;

7. There is no need to share with a partner their problems and joys.